Domains of Combination Functions

I made a two-part video showing you how to find/predict the domains of combination functions f+g, f-g, fg, f/g, and g/f. The Part 1 video goes over how to analyze just the domains of f and g. The Part 2 video then shows you how those domains lead you to the domains of the combination functions. (Part 1: 5 minutes and 29 seconds long) (Part 2: 7 minutes and 52 seconds long)

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Why make our own math videos?

Dear students,

March may seem like an odd time to start a class blog. Well, I am hoping that this one is going to be a resource to you, now and in the future. The idea is that I will upload videos related to discussions we’ve had in class about how to do a complicated problem or procedure. That way, when you are reviewing at home (which you should be doing daily) you can watch the video and re-wind as needed to get the information and explanation that you need. I know that there are lots of other math instructional videos you may be able to find on the web on the same topics — and if you find a great one, feel free to add it in the comments so that other students can use it! — but hopefully my explanations will be clearer to you, since they are based on our discussions in class.

I recommend taking a piece of paper and pencil and trying to work out the problems yourself before watching the video, and pausing the video to make changes and annotations to your notes as necessary throughout the video. What I write down on the piece of paper in the video is a model for what amount of work is appropriate on your own paper.

If you have any questions about a video’s content, please feel free to add to the comments section of that blog post. That way, I can answer those questions and hopefully other students will also benefit from my answers. These videos will also remain here in the future, in case you have questions next year and need to return here for refresher on a topic. Also let me know if you have trouble accessing the videos from home! (They don’t seem to work too well at school, unfortunately. The bandwidth isn’t sufficient, I guess, with everyone tapping into the same connection during the day.)

Ms. Yang

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